*yawn* another day completed.

so, I started at Red Hat yesterday for the summer and by today I'm up to my ears in python all around as far as I can see 🙂 Also have a cipe key, s/key, and other good magic like that set up so I can actually get to my account remotely. Probably going to redirect my main mail account there for the summer since it will be quite a bit faster to read that way, which would be useful. Especially now that I have the s/key stuff all worked out and happy along with palmkey so that as long as I have my palm pilot and an ssh client, I'll be able to get to my mail.

had a fun little power outage at the office around 6 pm. I was sitting there, just working on some things and all of a sudden, my monitor blinked off. took off my headphones and heard the sound of many crickets chirping… or in this case, UPS's going off. Then noticed that it was slightly darker with emergency lighting only as opposed to the minimal lighting normally present. Decided it was time to leave and spent half an hour trying to decide on a place to eat dinner and then finally just split out with spot. was kind of surreal really.

hopefully time warner will realize that cable has been installed soon so that I can order road runner… this modem bit is getting on my nerves = then I can also start on some renumbering so that I can cipe in from my laptop and not conflict with Red Hat IP numbering at all. then to script some stuff to do a “what network am I on? bring up cipcbX” to cipe into either Red Hat or home (or both if I'm not on a “known” network)

tomorrow, more hacking and the voyager finale… now, read a bit more of Ringworld and then sleep…