mostly a quiet weekend… well, sort of.

friday night, went to see Shrek with cheryl, jack, sean, and andy. Went to the show that msw said he was going to and Crutcher was picking up tickets for him for and turns out that it was a large crew from Red Hat there. Must say that Shrek was much funnier than I expected with lots of movie references and tons of things that the twelve year olds filling half of the theater would have missed. then, per trond being the only person to have an opinion about dinner, went to eat at red lobster which was pretty good.

on saturday, slept in for a bit. then woke up and lazed around for a bit. then went to get a tv at best buy so that I could have something to watch dvds on and make use of the cable that's being hooked up tomorrow with. got a nice 27″ panasonic and got a vcr while I was at it. came back, set that up, then went over for scott's small birthday party. much fun was had and around midnight an excursion was made to try to find a 24 hour wal-mart to purchase a movie to watch. interestingly enough, there are no 24 hour wal-marts in the raleigh area. this boggles the mind. so, wasted time in other ways instead, came back and finally went to sleep with jack and yager still packing to go to europe.

woke up today on the late side, then went out and switched around some cabling and went by circuit city to see if they had the case and car adaptor for my phone, which they did, so I got them. came back, then went to applebee's with scott and cheryl. since have largely just done nothing. watched the simpsons and was relatively unimpressed by the humor value, found malcolm in the middle to be more amusing. then, played a little bit of soldier of fortune single player… then installed red alert in wine and played it for a bit.

now sitting here considering wandering off to read for a bit and then go to bed so I can wake up in the morning to get to work in the morning and give up my life for the rest of the summer 😉