rolling rolling rolling

Long day. Was up at the crack of dawn (err… 6:30 should really only come once a day 🙂 to help jack move his furniture up from pinehurst. got back to raleigh, unloaded it, worked all afternoon and managed to get most of the big things which I needed to get done this week in an afternoon I think. Then came back, studied some, dozed as I studied at one point, mostly figured out one of the numerical analysis proofs, studied some more. Now I'm going to sleep so that I can at least be awake for my analysis exam in the morning. Even though the class now matters very little since I'm theoretically not getting a math degree any more, I still want to do reasonably well on the exam. Who knows though, the professor's grading is very erratic. I swear if he assigned the same problem two days in a row and I turned in the same proof I'd get radically different grades. Oh well, I'll take that, then work until lunch and then I think I'm going to spend the afternoon doing numerical analysis I hope. Then I can read some for my fantasy exam in the evening/night, take it Thursday afternoon, work a little, eat dinner, do a quick review for networking exam, take it. Then, finish up numerical analysis if I don't do so tomorrow, turn that in Friday morning, work some Friday afternoon, pack up the little bit I have remaining here, checkout of Sully, review a tiny bit for my ethics exam and try to relax Friday night. Then Saturday, take ethics exam, move furniture in, go home and sleep. Wake up around Monday to make up for the sleep that may not happen after tonight =

*sigh* Not too much longer of this crap and unfortunately, it's mostly my fault this year for not quite keeping up with things as well as I like to.

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