The Weekend

Has been interesting to say the least although I haven't gotten much numerical analysis done.

Friday evening was several of us from S&M c/o 99 getting together and going to dinner, wandering around, and watching a movie or so. We watched The Fountainhead, which, as much as I liked the book, I must say that the movie overall sucked. Oh well.

Saturday, most of the day was spent doing apartment cleaning with cheryl, jack, scott, and michael. After that, went back and did some packing then went and ate dinner with john at Dos Taquitos which was quite good.

Today was the day to sleep in. Then went down to the state capitol with matt and greg and wandered around down there for a bit. Went to Thai Villa for dinner which was also very good.

And that's most of the weekend. Tomorrow, I'm going up to Science and Math to try to see and talk with some faculty who I haven't seen in quite a while. Then probably more packing and moving of stuff. And working on numerical analysis.