5 thoughts on “stupid, stupid, stupid…”

  1. Of couse… Hasn’t everyone? Oh, by the way. On that problem with that project you were telling me about you can fix everything by adding the flags

    Just though I’d help you out.

  2. I can do what I please, especially when I’m correct… note for the future peoples — make sure you have the right kernel source installed when building kernel modules. Bad things ™ happen otherwise. 🙂

  3. Sometimes it seems that everything I do is wrong. That somehow its all just fucked up. It’s something every day. It seems I can never completely escape my own stupidity. The swelling mass of dumbness that I call a brain. This is one of the things that I do get really agervated at. When its my own damn fault. I get mad at myself, throw things, and say “fuck!”

    Today I couldn’t play a chromatic scale in triplets. You know how dumb that makes me feel?

    Sigh….but really…I’ve had a good day today. Really, I have.

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