The weekend has arrived…

And I slept through a good bit of it 😉 But that's okay.

Been a pretty quiet day except for the mess with zelanzy on openprojects this morning (while I was asleep 🙂 Went and got some “higher quality” paper for this silly technical writing assignment and have done a pretty good job on getting most of it done, which is good as it's due on Monday. Also went by Best Buy while I was out and looked some at TVs and have a couple I want to try to look into a little bit more at some point.

Now to figure out dinner and then to head over to pam & cheryl's for the “game nigth and birthdays celebration”.

2 thoughts on “The weekend has arrived…”

  1. Did I really mispell that!?!? Oh, silly me. Well, I’m glad that you had fun at the party. Sometime I want you tell me some funny Spot stories…. I’m not sure I believe everything he’s telling me!!!! 🙂 (He said to ask you if I don’t believe him).

  2. No, no… that’s my typo. They happen 😉

    And yes, there are many stories which spot can tell which are unbelievable… and I can corroborate a few too many of them.

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